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Materials & Care


We only use 100% natural materials mainly, Teakwood which is known to be the best material so far with Its breathtaking grains, warm honey colour & own teak oil. We do not use any man-made materials such as plywood and MDF to keep our quality high for each product. We carefully select woods from sustainable sources and process properly in klyn oven before the start of any production. We keep the moisture contents in the timber at a maximum of 15% in order to balance with teak oil components from the timber to make sure furniture can be well adjusted in either hot, humid, cold & dry climates anywhere in the world.
We also try our best to keep the traditional furniture making methods which are proven to be the best so far! Woodworks such as wood peg, additional wood to be added on soft parts of the timber planks are normal & unavoidable. These looks are considered to be the charm of the natural materials & liked by so many of our clients since our business launched in 2002.
In order to enjoy 100% natural & organic furniture for many years to come it is widely accepted to experience minor hairline opening, woodworks, slight misalignment of the long doors. Let's call this "tolerance of natural beauty"!
When we customise furniture for each client we offer driftwood, recycled teak wood, plantation teak wood to choose from depending on the client's own preferences and suggested designs. We also discuss in details on handle & finish options.

Wood Care

We only use non-toxic finishing materials for each product. Water-based paints are used to colour and top coating to finish off the production. We will not use melamine coating for outdoor or dining table & centre tabletop unless we are asked to do so.
Our furniture is user friendly and only easy steps required in terms of care.
You can use dampen towel daily to wipe off grease & dust. When you see the furniture looks pale and dry,  that's when you can use any furniture polish materials you can buy off the shelf. This can be done once in every 3 to 5 months for most of the furniture. Dining table top & centre tabletops need more attention as they are more exposed to water contacts.

Cane and Wicker

They are fantastic for both outdoor and indoor use! They give great texture & lightness to the furniture and very hardy natural materials. But you must avoid direct water contact! They can easily rot if exposed to water without the chance of being dried.
If you are using this material in a very dry environment it's recommended to lightly water spray from time to time.
When You notice any part of the weave is loose, do not pull or cut. Nicely tucking the loose part inside weave will do the job.


We use multi composites for fabric from Sunbrella, 100% cotton, polyester mix etc depending on furniture design we produce. Additional care information will be given upon purchase.


We use powder coated Iron, Aluminium, Brass, Stainless steel depending on design and furniture.
Such humid and wet climate conditions like Singapore can make almost anything rusty & mouldy. Daily maintenance is required in terms of care, this is done by wiping water and grease off the materials in order to prolong its life span. If you are using these materials outdoors, ensure there are enough gaps between metal legs & floor to minimize the water contact.

Need clarification or have questions regarding our materials and care instructions? Contact us at (+65) 9010 3656 or and we will be happy to assist you.

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